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True to the temu house spirit, collaborations happen at almost every second and this one happened with Nadirah Zakariya's exhibition; Feeling Feelings Makes Me, Me.

Our beloved Nadirah so very casually invited these awesome sisters to hold a performance at temu house before her exhibition ends.

And here we are.

Come by temu house on the 27th May 2023, Saturday to catch The Impatient Sister do a short set at 2pm. Donations towards the performance are welcomed.

The Impatient Sisters

Soraya, Nazeera and Irena grew up in close-knit family. Originally raised in KL, the family moved to their seaside home in Kuantan in 2005. Music was something they enjoyed separately but after opening for their friend’s band for fun in 2011 they felt a sense of musical kinship and started writing original songs influenced by their muses, Eisley, Priscilla Ahn and Fleet Foxes which they had the opportunity to open for in 2018. Their songs, often fantastical and mostly of the sea, blend quirky soul and folk-pop. These songs then became part of their 10 song self-titled album released in 2014. Distinctly characterized by haunting harmonies, eclectic arrangements of guitar, xylophone and the kazoo, The Impatient Sisters became active in the indie music circuit and booked many festivals in Malaysia and Singapore.

After an EP and a few singles, the girls returned with another full album entitled ‘7 Years’ released in 2022. A full length album consisting of 13 new tracks, ‘7 Years’ still has the band’s warm sentiments of indie-folk but with a wider soundscape woven into a musical experience — intimate and relatable.


Songwriter, vocals, glockenspiel

The eldest, Soraya works as an audio producer and manages the band. A mom to daughter, Layla.


Songwriter, vocals, percussion, guitar

Level-headed middle sister, Nazeera is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and is

also in charge of the band’s finances.


Songwriter, producer, vocals, guitar

The baby of the group, Berklee graduate Irena, produces the sisters’ music and is a well-known player in the indie music scene.

In 2014, the girls released their self-titled album consisting 11 original tracks

recorded at Kamar Seni Recording Studio with a collaboration with Jeremy

Larson (has worked with Sucré, Mutemath, Eisley) for 2 tracks and was

mastered at Aru Studio, Bandung.

The Impatient Sisters tracklist is as follows:

1. Love

2. And

3. Comets and Stars

4. Untitled

5. Far Away

6. Forever I Know

7. The Ark (arrangement in collaboration with Jeremy Larson)

8. Red and Blue (arrangement in collaboration with Jeremy Larson)

9. Hey There Young Sailor

10.Sleep Song

11.Oh Kawan

iTunes download link:

The album consists of music written between 2011 and 2013. It includes Love,

And and Comets and Stars which were featured on Southeast Asian music

portal, The Wknd. The sisters have since released independent singles Sister

Don’t Cry in 2015 and Hanyut in 2018.

In 2020, The Impatient Sisters released their EP, Hati-Hati, recorded during the


Hati-Hati tracklist is as follows:

1. Mari Menari

2. Paper Boat

3. Party Mama

4. Seringkali - featured on telefilm ‘Cerai’ on Astro Citra

iTunes download link:

The girls are currently working on their upcoming album ‘7 Years’ that will be

released sometime in 2022.

* * *


✦ Mana Diriku with musician Darren Ashley

✦ Nadi Kota with Darren Ashley for local movie KOLUMPO

✦ Red and Blue and The Ark for album release— Jeremy Larson,

multi-instrumentalist musician based in Springfield, Missouri

✦ Sister Don’t Cry with musicians from Temple of Fine Arts, Brickfields


✦ MTV Iggy’s Artist Of The Week (2013)

✦ JUICE magazine’s Best New Find (2011)

Review Excerpts

“Their vocal harmonies are soft and sweet as a box full of kittens and their

melodies for guitar are as soothing and romantic as lilac-scented summer

breezes.” — MTV IGGY, How The Impatient Sisters Accidentally Enchanted


“Working with someone across the ocean has so many challenges, but this is

one of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on.” — Jeremy Larson, Who I

Work With

“With their sweet vocals and dreamy melodies, The Impatient Sisters are the

perfect band to curl up with on a rainy afternoon with a mug of hot chocolate.

Sounds pretty contrary to their stressy name, right?” — Blouin Artinfo, Chilling

out with Malaysia’s Sweetest Pop Girl Group: The Impatient Sisters

27th May 2023 Saturday 2pm


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