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Nukilan Lagu Raya or The Lagu Raya Songbook is a project started with Marina Tan (arts practitioner, researcher, writer) who embarked on a research through a timeline of 30 ‘Raya’ songs spanning the years 1936 to 2022. With this research, she explored both the context and conceptualisation of these songs  including song lyrics  as a way to explore our nation’s socio-economic trends. Marina was looking to uncover moments and human examples of Malaysians living with compassion and unbounded communities, striving together to make the best of circumstances.

In collaboration with Marina Tan, Aziz Salim, Tay Cher Siang, Karen's Ethnic Plate & Syomirizwa Gupta, temu house invites you to join us all as we offer a mere glimpse at some of these Raya tracks, revealing the journey of a vibrant and diverse nation through various stages of its being.

Visual artists involved : Ajim Juxta, Amat, Anisa Abudullah, Anissa Razali, Finn (PEREMPUAN MELAWAN ART), Haris Rashid, Haslin Ismail, Nadirah Zakariya, Sarah Radzi, Shiela Samsuri, Sinchan, Syakirah Jaffar, Yante Ismail, Yati Kaprawi

For further on the project do refer to Article: Uncovering the origins of the Hari Raya songbook, The Star 22 Apr 2023

Upcoming events: Opening reception

4th May 2024, 4pm - 8pm Entrance is FOC

Nukilan Lagu Raya, A Music Showcase

5th May 2024, 3pm - 4pm Ticket fee: RM100 per person

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Download the brief research book here:

The Songbook
Download PDF • 12.90MB


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