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Ethnic Sarawak Night: The Sarawak Malay’s PENGILAN | the Kenduri The Muslim ethnic groups of Sarawak are historically a confluence of influence. From the Brunei Sultanate, to the spice trade when the Indian Muslim arrived in the Malay Archipelago, producing a highly mixed local malay culture - distinct in many aspects from the rest of the Malay world. 

This confluence is most evident in the culinary stars reserved for celebrations - the Pengilan - the Sarawak Malay’s kenduri kahwin, and ofcourse Hari Raya. From Daging Masak Hitam balanced with Gula Apong, Nasi Minyak Kukus to the accompanying Keceni Nenas and the most colourful array of kuihs and Kek Lapis. The prominence of spices - cumin, coriander, cardamom and fennel - cooked with endemic jungle produce, meats and freshest seafood, these feasts are a  veritable showcase of their distinctive culture, laid family-style welcoming guests to savour.

Experience a nostalgic Sarawak Malay Pengilan feast at this edition of Ethnic Sarawak Night held in conjunction with Temuhouse’s Lagu Raya Nostalgia. A 5-course feast curated around the iconic spread of a Pengilan. There’ll be legendary music, fashion to set the mood.

And of course, another occasion to dress in your vibrant Raya Best.

Friday, 10 May 2024

serving from 7.30pm

temu house, section 16, Petaling Jaya.

5-course at RM230 per diner. A private dining experience, reservations are required:

Pengilan Sarawak | Kenduri Feast



Bubur Pedas Sarawak

Acar Sarawak | Keropok Udang

Bandung Goreng | Kerisik, Sambal Belacan Bintulu


Nasi Minyak Kukus | house-salted Quail egg

Daging Masak Hitam Gula Apong | beef brisket, Gula Apong

Paeh Daun Tigoh | Nipah leaf-wrapped River Prawn, Jungle aromatic paste, charcoal-grilled

Keceni Nanas | Sarawak Pineapple

Pakis lemak

Relish & Condiments: Ulaman, sambal Belacan Bintulu.


Bubur Cha Cha | buah Kabong


A culture shared is a culture preserved.

So take a seat, let’s get to know each other better.

We can’t wait to walk down nostalgia lane with you.


Ethnic Sarawak Nights

Passionately Sarawakian, Karen started #ethnicsarawaknight, her series of dining evenings, curated for a singular purpose - to share the undiscovered gastronomic treasure that is the ethnic cuisine of her home state. With 40 distinct sub-ethnic groups, a primary rainforest that provides native tribes with indigenous ingredients and flavours, and age-preserved ways of cooking - Sarawak’s indigenous cuisine is a true collection of culture, legacy, and history. Karen uncovers these flavours, refines the techniques and curates them into cultural morsels for her diners to experience. Not just a meal, also an insight into Sarawak’s ethnic heritage ways through food. Come join Karen and her team as they take you on a trip to Borneo!


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