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Frequently Asked Questions

What is temu house?

A privately run space to meet each other and have conversations over food, arts and activities.

What can I do at temu house?

Activities that you can hold in temu house include private networking groups, book readings, yoga sessions, small cast theatre rehearsals, birthdays, art workshop, dog training and the list goes on…as long as its legal, knowledge sharing. Note: No of guests need to be not more than 30 pax or less depending on the current SOP.

How do I get there?

Register with us for an event or an inquiry and we will send you the address once you have registered.
We did say it is private.

Is there parking? How many cars?

You can park up to 16 cars in the compound and a few more on the roadside but we really encourage using public transportation, ride sharing services like Grab, car-pooling or cycling as parking is very limited.

Is food served at temu house?

Of course, there is food available at every event. Do check out our eats@temu section for more information. And if you want to cater for your event, let us know, as we will be happy to suggest some good ones.

Is smoking allowed at temu house?

No smoking allowed in temu house. Only outdoors at the designated smoking area.

Are animals allowed at temu house?

Pets/animals are welcomed but only in the garden area. Pet owners are responsible for their pet’s behaviour and to pick up after their pets.

Does temu house accept walk-ins?

No, you must register first if its your first time. After that you have to let us know via Whatsapp each time you want to drop by. 

Does temu house allow valet parking for my events?

This can be arranged with advance notice.

What are temu house’s payment terms?

Full payment is required latest by 10 working days before the event for a guaranteed reservation.

Can I hire the temu house team to organise my event?

Yes. This can be arranged with advance notice.

Is there a deposit needed to book temu house?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon confirmation of the event/space needed. Refer to our cancellation policies** and payment terms on our website.

Can I bring my own caterers to temu house?

Yes, with prior agreement with temu house on the arrangements.

Do you have staff to help with set up & tear down?

Yes, temu house has staff employable on an hourly/daily-rate basis.

How many hours in advance am I allowed to the venue, prior to my event?

Up to 4 hours before the commencement of an event.

Will temu house set up a canopy for an outdoor event?

This can be arranged with advance notice.

Payment Terms

** Cancellation Policies

  1. Free cancellation if more than 25 days before scheduled event.

  2. 30% cancellation charge if between 25 to 10 days before scheduled event.

  3. 100% cancellation charge if less than 10 days before scheduled event.

  4. Change of event dates can be discussed if other options are available then.


** Payment Terms

  1. 50% upon confirmation of date and space for event, and to include additional refundable deposit for cleaning and damage fees.

  2. 40% by 5 working days before event.

  3. Balance 10% within 14 days after event.

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