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Nukilan Lagu Raya: The Lagu Raya Songbook Music Showcase aims to evoke the spirit of Malaysia's Raya music through the ages, while looking back at some of our diverse nation’s history, and spark inspiration for our progress into the future.

How did we live, laugh, love, and mark our seasons and festivities? What were some challenges we strove to overcome, and what were the foundations that gave us strength? What events and trends filled our hearts and minds, and affected our lives?

As there are many segments in society, there are many narratives and paths of Malaysian life and history. This project, in collaboration with the Lagu Raya Songbook art exhibition at Temu House, offers a glimpse at some of those paths, revealing the journey from the 1930s to the 2020s of a vibrant and multicultural nation through various stages of triumph and challenge.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane through the ears, music and voices of acclaimed maestro Tay Cher Siang and up-and-coming singers Alwani and Wardina, interspersed with narration by Marina Tan.

Nukilan Lagu Raya, A Music Showcase

5th May 2024, Sunday 3pm - 4pm Ticket fee: RM100 per person


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