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Cassie Wong a.k.a. Cassielelolea is a self taught Malaysian artist and also founder of Le Art Shop, an online shop offering high quality art tools. Cassie's personal learning experience is extremely helpful for beginners to learn in a relaxing way from the start.

Her life drawing sessions have been educational, fun and creative.

For this edition, participants will be treated to creative floral arrangements and what else Nadirah Zakariya has in mind in creating artful displays. It is going to be an interesting and fun session, with many ways of seeing and of course, drawing. See you there!

This 2-hour session will include the use of these materials:

- watercolour papers/ sketch papers

- watercolours

- set of brushes (participants can bring home)

- mixing palette

- drawing board & clips/ masking tape

- rinsing jar/ kitchen towel for cleaning

- graphite/ charcoal pencils

21st May 2023, Sunday 6pm - 8pm temu house


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