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Sound baths are a meditative practice involving the use of resonant music. This creates an immersive sound that fills the room and the body, aiming to help people relax and let go of stress, anxiety, or other worries and concerns. People report feeling deeply relaxed after sound baths, which may have health benefits.

Carolyn Peh, a certified instructor of ThetaHealing is tapping into the energy of the Full Harvest Moon with her sound bath offering.

Carolyn has been practising energy healing, particularly ThetaHealing since 2012. She draws energy and wisdom from the Creator of All That Is in her sessions whilst in a theta state, that of a very deep state of relaxation.

In a sound healing session, you will also be brought to this dreaming state. In it, the brainwaves are slowed to a frequency of four to seven cycles per second, opening doorways to healings, readings and manifestations.

If this resonates with you, or if you seek answers and support, join the coming sound bath at temu house.

Following the sound healing is a short tea meditation by the garden over a steaming mug of blue lotus tea.


5.30 Registration

6.00 – 7.00 pm Sound Bath

7.20 – 8.00 pm Tea Meditation

8.30 pm The End

The session:

30th Sept 2023, Saturday RM130 per person (includes light snacks)

Limited slots available

*Note: bring your own yoga mat

*Note: Kindly be on time.


“Carolyn is one of the most intuitive people I know. Conversations with her have helped me through many trying moments in life. I seek her for clarity and enjoy how she tackles things with passion.” – Jules Lee, Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor

“Carolyn is an amazing person as a friend, colleague and a fellow healer. She has the ability to understand situations and the human body intuitively and uses her unique quality and diligence in finding a solution. Her commitment, respect and passion for the human body is amazing.” – Mathu Bala Shirley, Master ThetaHealer

“A few words come to my mind when I think of Carolyn – authentic, wise and joyful. She is truly a gift for those who know her and I count my blessings for being one of them.” – Sophia Oh, Pilates and Yoga Instructor


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