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OUR WAY! Palette of Childhood Creativity Text by Syahir Ashri Introduction Children possess a unique purity. Free from the consequences of worldly and societal familiarity, conditioned and learned responses. They flow intuitively with unfiltered expressions, with uninhibited and instinctive authenticity. A product of time before the line between dreams and reality is drawn, opening up realms where everything is possible; a perspective fundamental and powerful as a tool for creativity. With the guidance of teachers (and practicing artists) Mark Tan, Agnes Lau, and Alicia Lau, the artists in this exhibition remind us of the possibilities when we choose to not color within the lines, and also redraw our own lines. Exploration OUR WAY! Palettes of Childhood Creativity invites audiences into the visual diaries of the artists, capturing the curiosity, inquisitiveness and exploration inherent in their daily lives. From abstract landscapes to literal forms, the artworks reflect the artists willingness to delve into the unknown and merge it with their own realities, a mirror on their creative spirits. Imagination Imagination takes center stage as the artists unleash via art and materials. The teachers have shared and cultivated an environment where young minds are free to soar and do. The exhibited artworks are windows into fantastical worlds, where the mundane transforms through vibrant colors and morphing shapes, a showcase of the boundlessness of imagination. Creation In each creation, the artist’s unique perspectives and artistic styles come through, reflecting unique characters and personalities. Their creative output demonstrates how the process of creation shapes not only the artwork itself but also recognises the individuality of each artist. Education Art education fosters a more holistic approach to children’s development. It can provide a very natural and safe way for children to express themselves. They play, experiment, make a mess, tell stories, use metaphors to represent feelings and explore their thoughts by creating, reflecting and sharing their art with the world. OUR WAY! Palettes of Childhood Creativity celebrates the achievements of these young minds & hearts in doing art their way. Until next time! Website :

Allegro Music & Arts and temu house invites you to the opening of OUR WAY! Palettes of Childhood Creativity A visual art exhibition and music showcase featuring artists and performers from the school. Exhibition opening reception & Music Showcase 1: 3pm, 2 Dec Exhibition runs: 2-10 Dec Saturday and Sunday ONLY ( 10am - 5pm )


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