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Minding Her Business is a series of networking events to connect the new generation of entrepreneurs. Initiated by 3R Media, this series was designed with the purpose to foster an empowering community of women entrepreneurs to share, inspire and educate each other on nurturing their respective businesses.

The MHB sessions are themed and intentionally curated with speakers from the respective industry. Each interactive networking session will be guided by entrepreneurs who have walked the walk and talked the talk in running their own business empires.

In the seventh series of Minding Her Business, we will explore the theme of Diversity.


Adrianna (they/them) is a certified NLP trainer with 8 years of experience in the finance industry. They are the founder of Q Money Management, an initiative providing financial literacy workshops for marginalised groups in Malaysia, and the co-founder of a business networking initiative focused on diversity and equity.

During the pandemic, they have supported the networking of 100 individual businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers, spanning over a total of 5 countries and growing.

Speakers: Sammie Sammie Hum, a multiverse themselves as an international corporate emcee / host since 2013, also a cosplayer, vocalist, performer, a partner of Asia Influencer X, founder of Hsachiko Talents Agency & Translate Agent


Rynee (she/her), founder and CEO of Final Frontier talent development company in the aerospace industry. She has led and worked for a number of international institutions and agencies for final frontier education and research development. A science communicator and citizen science ambassador, she inspires others with her inclusive approach and passion for making science accessible to all. She is a resilient woman who is currently fighting her significant obstacles on her journey of self-discovery, self-realisation, self-acceptance and authenticity.


16th June 2023, Friday

12pm - 2pm

RM40 per person

(lunch included)


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