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Join us and other doggos on a leash-free doggo playdate session at temu house! It will be a safe space for your doggos to run about, play with one another and have fun!

This time round, we'll have some amazing sponsors through The Hungry Tapir & Woofsome Meals! Both these wonderful establishments will be sponsoring 10x vegan 'nasi' & 10x vegan 'satay' for the 20 doggos. Woof! Woof!

• Paid RSVP-only! Register via the link below.

• Goodie bags will be provided for the 20 attending doggos.

• Playdate is limited to 20 doggos only! 2 humans are allowed to accompany each doggo.

• You may also purchase your breakfast and beverages at the on-site cafe!

• A dog trainer, will be present to supervise, advise when needed & answer questions you may have about training your furkid!


1. Please pick up after your dog at all times - they poop, you scoop!

2. If your doggo causes any damages to the property (or other doggos!), costs incurred may be imposed upon you.

3. Doggos are not allowed to enter the cafe and gallery area.

4. To prevent fights, please do not leave food on the floor.

5. Your doggo, your responsibility. Please watch over your furkid/s at all times! (If he/she gets too excited and harasses other dogs who's clearly uncomfortable with it, you may be asked to keep your dog on a leash until it he/she calms down and is not a threat to others).

Note: These little angels below are up for adoption. Do get in touch with us should you be interested.

18th Jun 2022, Sunday temu house 8am - 10am RM40 per doggo


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