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Cassie Wong a.k.a. Cassielelolea is a self taught Malaysian artist and also founder of Le Art Shop, an online shop offering high quality art tools. Cassie's personal learning experience is extremely helpful for beginners to learn in a relaxing way from the start.

Her life drawing sessions have been educational, fun and creative. Do note, Cassie will have a table of art materials that you can use for a small donation of RM5.

How the session works:

The session is a communal session. You don't have to be a professional. Should you have questions, please ask during the session. There will be a short briefing in the beginning and then you are free to explore your drawing abilities. We don't practice any critiquing sessions but should you want to ask for more directions, please feel free to ask during the session. The time frames: 2x 2min 2x 5 min 2x 10 min 2x 15min 1x 20min 1x 30min

Note: This is not a masterclass.


3rd Dec 2023, Sunday

6pm - 8:30pm

RM90 per person


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