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Cassie Wong a.k.a. Cassielelolea is a self taught Malaysian artist and also founder of Le Art Shop, an online shop offering high quality art tools. Cassie's personal learning experience is extremely helpful for beginners to learn in a relaxing way from the start.

Cassie's works of art exhibit a certain dreaminess melded with an ethereal reality. Her favourite subject matters are humans and animals. She finds them vibrantly alive, and their diverse expressions fuel her passion and inspire her to paint from her soul. Her arts continually evolve with her experiences and it is a learning curve which she meanders through every day.

Her life drawing sessions have been educational, fun and creative. We are happy to be organising more sessions this year. Make sure you sign up for our first one in 2023!


30th April 2023, Sunday

6pm - 8:30pm

RM90 per person


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