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Get Smoked with the Curly Cook

For far too long, the Curly Cook has been toying and tempering with her concoction of smoked meats and background of traditional Negeri Sembilan food. For those unaccustomed with Minang food, famous for its use of coconut milk and spicy chili. Minang cuisine consists of three main elements: gulai (curry), lado (chili pepper) and bareh (rice).

Her love for the cuisine and smoked meats have brought about the idea to share her passion and her dishes to the world. This has slowly but surely grown her reach and she's been getting bolder with her flavours and pairings. She's happy to bring her latest menu to temu house for a whole different crowd. Know that you will be experiencing a feast for the senses!

Merlissa Zainal aka The Curly Cook

Merlissa is passionate about hitting the right notes when it comes to flavours. Everything is all about balance. She started off at the age of 12, learning how to make assam pedas from her grandmother who's from Negeri Sembilan. But she's also always been surrounded by cooks all her life. Whenever her mom cooks, she will always guide her on how to get the best from the ingredients.

A few years after she left Malaysia for Hong Kong is when she started seriously immersing herself in food as she had to learn to do everything on my own. "Couldn’t find any decent Malaysian food. That’s why."

Then her culinary journey started. She is passionate about Malaysian flavours and would like to see how it goes with other cuisines.

Amuse Bouche

Foie Gras with Daun Kadok

· Lime

· Chili padi

· Shallots

· Roasted peanuts

· Rojak sauce


Pecel with Smoked Vegetables

· Peanut Sauce

· Long beans

· Tempeh

· Cabbage

· Potato

· Tofu

· Water spinach

Main Course

Smoked Beef in Coconut turmeric Sauce and Belimbing

Smoked Duck Percik with Purple cabbage and apple in Percik Sauce

Steamed Tempoyak Hamachi in banana leaf and Ulam

Papaya Rendang

Pennywort Salad with Pomelo & fried anchovies

Varieties of Sambal

Sambal Belacan

Dried Shrimp paste with smoked

Pineapple Sambal


Tapai Ice Cream topped with Kuinin


17th Oct 2023, Friday

7:00pm - 10:30pm


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