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Ethnic Sarawak Night : Foraging. Hunting. Fishing - The Journey

For traditional peoples, providing nourishment required a Journey…out to sea, on rivers, into the Rainforest, across mountain ranges.

Over centuries, Original Ways of Eating have evolved unique dishes and preparations that provide sustenance to foragers, hunters and fishermen when away.

From leaf-wrapping, to pickling, to cooking with nature’s most versatile cooking vessel - the Bamboo, fired by open flames.

Our JOURNEY edition is inspired by these journeys - of those who forage, hunt, fish and how they eat. A curated 4-course to take you along their culinary path.

📆 Friday, 12 January 2024

⏱️ serving from 7.30pm

📍 temu house, section 16, Petaling Jaya Ethnic Sarawak Nights

Passionately Sarawakian, Karen started #ethnicsarawaknight, her series of dining evenings, curated for a singular purpose - to share the undiscovered gastronomic treasure that is the ethnic cuisine of her home state. With 40 distinct sub-ethnic groups, a primary rainforest that provides native tribes with indigenous ingredients and flavours, and age-preserved ways of cooking - Sarawak’s indigenous cuisine is a true collection of culture, legacy, and history. Karen uncovers these flavours, refines the techniques and curates them into cultural morsels for her diners to experience. Not just a meal, also an insight into Sarawak’s ethnic heritage ways through food. Come join Karen and her team as they take you on a trip to Borneo!

Forage, Hunt, Fish - The JOURNEY 4-Course Curated Menu


Umai & Linut | Cincalok MIri, handcrafted sago crisp

Rinagas rice ball | Inaag Rua beef lung | crispy Tapioca shoot


Belimbing Buluh gazpacho


Manok Lulun | Kampung Chicken, Tepus, Tapioca shoot, wood-fired in Bamboo

Asam Pedas Terung Dayak | Terung Dayak, Jungle aromatics, charcoal-fired Fillet of


Kasam | toasted Rice lacto-fermented River fish

Sungkoi Tukus | leaf-wrapped Heirloom Rice

Paku Belacan | Ulaman | Sambal Belacan


Pineapple & Coconut semifreddo | Kueh Jala tuile

4-course curated menu RM220 per diner

* dietary requirements can be accommodated upon request

Take a seat and JOURNEY with us, experience an Original Way of Eating on the Go. An intimate space, DM/PM to reserve. We can't wait to serve you.


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