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CONSENT explores the giving and taking of permission by artists within the relational environment of art-making, art presentation and exhibition making.  

Are visual references ‘off the ‘gram’ considered inspiration or plagiarism, and should artists seek consent from visual and information sources? Is no-plagiarism in art even possible in today’s over-hyped digital existence? Do artists consider granting consent to audiences to reinterpret, represent or re-present their art?

We invited 11 artists from Australia and Malaysia to join the multifaceted and multilayered conversations around the thoughts and action of consent. Featuring from Australia, David Blumenstein, Linda Brescia, Lada Dedić, Giselle Stanborough, & Garry Trinh, and from Malaysia, Joanne Loo, Nadia Nizamuddin, Xeem Noor, Trina Teoh, Umar Sharif & Tep York.

The exhibition showcases a diverse range of mediums including digital media, illustrative story-telling, installation, textile and interactive art, with a consent to audiences to view and/or interact with the artworks… or perhaps not.

Exhibition runs: 17th Feb - 3rd Mar 2024 Fridays; 12pm - 5pm Sat & Sun: 10am - 5pm

Venue: temu house, PJ 

See you there!


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