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Branden Lim is having his first solo exhibition titled "BBLime Art Exhibition'' ! It offers a unique opportunity to see his novel artwork and to be encouraged by his remarkable story.

He is considered an “outsider artist”, an untrained, idiosyncratic, and naïve artist who has little contact with the conventional art world - not by choice but by circumstance.

Branden faces serious difficulties and disadvantages in life. He is 12 years old and was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (“SMA”, a chronic terminal neuromuscular genetic rare disease) that has left him severely paralysed. He is also neurodivergent. But despite the many limitations, Branden has a passion for art and has devoted countless hours and a lot of effort to his creations.

"BBLime'' aims to be a surprising exhibition featuring several series of artwork that offer a glimpse into Branden's outlook, imagination, hopes and fears.

One series showcases different "Game Worlds" he imagines living in, a reflection of his love for gaming. Another series features avatars called "Pizzaman" and "[potato chips]", some of his favorite foods. The series on "Emotions" explores the deep feelings that Branden has experienced throughout his life, offering a window into his experiences. He is also displaying some of his latest techniques such as pouring and splashing, techniques used by famous modern abstract artists.

Given he started painting at the age of 2 years old, he paints by having fun, following his feelings and mood at the time he paints. This is reflected in most of the artworks in his “I Just Paint” series. Branden’s work has received recognition from many who praise the intuition and color that is conveyed through his pieces.

Currently he is blessed to get specialized life-changing treatment for his SMA that stops further deterioration. This second chance at life, allows Branden to continue to develop his ability to create artwork, and to continue to enthusiastically explore what matters in his life.

Branden's story is one of resilience and persistence in the face of significant adversity. Despite being left out and left behind by unfair barriers in society, Branden holds on to his dreams. His artwork is a reflection of his positive spirit, and it serves to inspire all of us to pursue our passions to (he says) “be the very best” and never give up on what we believe in.

As Branden's parents, we think that his artworks give a candid view into his world, and serve as a reminder that everyone has a purpose and a voice and something valuable to contribute to the world around us. We hope that his exhibition will help people to value Branden as a part of society, and his continued development as an artist will help to break down barriers for people like him.


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