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ThetaHealing is a world-renowned meditation technique and spiritual philosophy founded by Vianna Stibal. The ThetaHealing technique helps you improve your mind, body, and spirit by connecting with the Creator Of All That Is.

Discover your best life through the pure essence of love.

What is ThetaHealing

ThetaHealing is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy that uses focused thought and prayer. We believe our training method offers physical, emotional, and spiritual healing by tapping into the Theta brain wave and connecting with the Creator Of All That Is. When we experience this connection, we can reprogram our minds to clear limiting beliefs and think positively. This brings out the best in ourselves and allows us to live our most enlightened, successful lives.

About Carolyn Peh

Certified ThetaHealer and ThetaHealing Instructor

ThetaHealing and ThetaHealer are registered trademarks of THInK at

Carolyn has been practising ThetaHealing since 2012. Not specific to any religion, it is a training method for the mind, body and spirit, allowing the person being worked on to clear limiting beliefs that can stand in the way of a positive lifestyle.

This extraordinary energy-healing modality explores the subconscious and the conscious mind. Carolyn, as a practitioner, will draw on the energy and wisdom of the Creator of All That Is in her personal session with you whilst in a theta state, that of a very deep state of relaxation. This is the state used in hypnosis and dreaming. In it, the brainwaves are slowed to a frequency of four to seven cycles per second, opening doorways to healings, readings and manifestations.

If you are ready to welcome positive changes into your life, book a session with her.


ThetaHealer practitioner in Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Manifesting & Abundance, Game of Life, Intuitive Anatomy, World Relations, Diseases & Disorder, DNA3, Soul Mate, Planes of Existence, You & Your Significant Other, You & the Creator, You & Your Inner Circle, You & the Earth and Wealth Consciousness.

ThetaHealer teacher in Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper.


“Carolyn is one of the most intuitive people I know. Conversations with her have helped me through many trying moments in life. I seek her for clarity and enjoy how she tackles things with passion.” – Jules Lee, Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor

“Carolyn is an amazing person as a friend, colleague and a fellow healer. She has the ability to understand situations and the human body intuitively and uses her unique quality and diligence in finding a solution. Her commitment, respect and passion for the human body is amazing.” – Mathu Bala Shirley, Master ThetaHealer

“A few words come to my mind when I think of Carolyn – authentic, wise and joyful. She is truly a gift for those who know her and I count my blessings for being one of them.” – Sophia Oh, Pilates and Yoga Instructor

The session:

1hr per person RM220 per person

Kindly pick the allocated slot times via the sign up link below

Note: Kindly be on time.


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