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Resin art is a unique painting style where you do not use typical brushes or acrylic or oil paints to create the artwork.

Resin can be mixed with paint or inks to create colourful patterns and designs, poured on top of paintings to create a thick and glossy protective coat, or poured into moulds with items like dried flowers or shells.

Resin is also a durable and strong medium, leaving a high gloss, protective finish that allows for a variety of effects to be achieved in art.

Want to learn about resin art and be guided to produce your own functional art work?

The workshop:

Spend a weekend with Pearl Studio Resin's artist, Mahnoosh Yavari to learn about resin art making and leave the workshop with your own functional creations.

Over two days, you'll be hands-on with the science behind resin art making, colour mixing and experiencing two different techniques to make a trinket holder (pouring) and a marble coaster (marbling).

About the Artist

Mahnoosh Yavari discovered resin art out of love and longing for her island hometown, Qeshm in Iran. Land bound in Malaysia during the lockdowns, Mahnoosh started her journey wanting to learn a creative skill which would create realistic ocean art that reminds her of home. That was when she encountered resin art.

Mahnoosh found a therapeutic mix of creativity, inspiration, nostalgia and a voice in this art style. After a year of honing her skills, Mahnoosh felt ready to share her art and embarked on starting Pearl Studio Resin two years ago.

She has since ventured into making utilitarian resin art, designing functional pieces for the home. Coupled with her accounting skills, she hopes that with resin art, she will one day be able to work with marginalised women to gain financial literacy and independence.

Day: Saturday & Sunday

Date: 9th & 10th September

Time: 2pm - 5pm

Location: Temu House

Price: RM300/person - for 2 days

All materials and tools will be provided


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