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So two friends got together and discovered a mutual love of food. Not just because of the food but of the stories it told.

Food means travelling on a plate, memories of loved ones, gatherings in the kitchen, of being in a particular place at a certain time. Basically, stories of our lives, exciting, mundane, sensual, were all around food.

So we thought let's bring this to life. And tell the stories behind the dishes of our lives and yours. So at a dinner you can expect, anecdotes, little stories, and chats with the chef about their food memories and they'll be asking you about yours. Get set. Go!

Dinner Details:

21st May 2022 (Saturday)


RM200 per pax (not inclusive of drinks)


Barley Trigu Tabbouleh with Malaysian Herbs

Fideua Feedehwa Pasta Seafood Paella