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For the Dayaks of Sarawak, the cooking culture of barbecuing over open fire gathers kin and friends to span the "ruai" of traditional longhouses. So ubiquitous that it is known simply as ‘Q’. Now this tradition is urbanised by "rumah asaps" or smokehouses in towns and cities across the state with distinctive BBQ-ing techniques and dishes.

Gather, Dayak Rumah Asap-style, for a specially curated culinary evening featuring the ethnic dishes of Sarawak's traditional smokehouses.

Ethnic Sarawak Nights

Passionately Sarawakian, Karen started #ethnicsarawaknight, her series of dining evenings, curated for a singular purpose - to share the undiscovered gastronomic treasure that is the ethnic cuisine of her home state. With 40 distinct sub-ethnic groups, a primary rainforest that provides native tribes with indigenous ingredients and flavours, and age-preserved ways of cooking - Sarawak’s indigenous cuisine is a true collection of culture, legacy, and history. Karen uncovers these flavours, refines the techniques and curates them into cultural morsels for her diners to experience. Not just a meal, also an insight into Sarawak’s ethnic heritage ways through food. Come join Karen and her team as they take you on a trip to Borneo!

Friday, 13 October, serving from 7.30pm at Temu House. A 4-course dinner, reservations are required. Minimum reservation of two diners.

Dayak Rumah Asap: The Menu First Sashimi-grade Umai Melanau | Sago Pearl Crisps

Terung Bulat Bakar | Sambal Belacan Bidayuh

Second Kat Chai Suen Mui granita "Tunu" Platter Highland Rice - Nasi Aruk Daun Ubi Manok Pansuh - charcoal-fired in bamboo Dayak "Tunu" charcoal-grilled Mackerel Sambal Belacan | Cincalok Miri | Himego Asin Sweet "Teh C Peng" Reduction Sago Gula Apong

RM210/pax - minimum 2 diners

(Because we want you to share the love!)


Drinks Menu:

Tuak (Cocktail) - RM30 Tuak, Bentong ginger, Sarawak Black Pepper, Calamansi lime

Tuak (Bottle) - RM65

Original or Honey

Sustainable Wines

Bottle - RM150

Glass - RM35


Sangria - RM21

Craft Beer - RM25

Coffees / Teas - RM10 - 13

13th Oct 2023


7:30pm - 10pm


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