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Admittedly, temu had a show that needed to be postponed from August 2023. Uh-oh, we had a gap in the calendar. After a not-so-brief panic moment, we unabashedly reached out to artists and asked ‘What are you currently working on in-studio?’.

The artist studio is constant. A physical production space inhabited by an artist(s), as well as both a mental construct and an emotional hideout. A store space for upcoming ideas, works in progression, and of course works from yesterday/years. A space where artists play out the day-to-day realities and/or fantasies of being an artist.

Reaching out to the artists, Sarah Radzi was mourning the loss of abu (missing) and atam (passed on recently), emotions spilling onto the paper & canvas around her. Kim & Silas were in time-passed reflection mode, inadvertently imbued with a sense of family; catalysts for individual creations, in a creative couple studio.

Mark, a constant artist with bodies of work questioning the constructed world we operate in. How do architects view and consider used/unused land to plan? In parallel, abstractly envisioning how we consider and build goals & ambitions.

Louise and Syakirah had works from exhibitions that did not happen - yes, it happens. Artists whose work moves from ‘completed’ to ‘now what’ relegated to unused studio space. In this instance moving into ‘the Studio Spectrum’.

We also met Jolene and Roa. Jolene, a silkscreen artist with succinct humorous observations , and Roa, an artist who uses vibrant colours, violent brushstrokes and striking words to express disdain.

Thank you to each artist for saying yes to the exhibition. A nod that the artist studio is alive.


A Group Exhibition Featuring: Jolene

Kimberley & Silas






📆 Exhibition: 6 Aug - 3 Sep 2023

🕒 Opening: 3pm Sunday, 6 Aug 2023

🏡 Venue: temu house, PJ


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