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Tezhip Workshop with Maedeh Hosseiny

Tazhib is a manuscript in which the text is enriched with decorations such as the initials, borders and miniature illustration. Artists use this art in various books to make the golden pages of literal and religious texts, adorned with arabesque or floral motifs, more beautiful. About the workshop:

Each participant in this workshop returns home with a geometric design painted by themselves with a specially prepared palette of poster color & watercolor, with the use of very fine brushes. This design is in A4 size and will be framed by Ikea frames. All the materials provided.

This workshop is a good opportunity for those who are eager to learn this style of geometric and beautiful ancient art that is many years old. Each participant can get acquainted with the basic skills of this art and test how much they can wait in this art and be patient. Each participant completes a work of art for 4 hours in peace and patience.

About Maedeh Hosseiny:

Her interest in painting dates back to her adolescence, when she was in high school about painting & calligraphy. She learnt a lot from those around her, her teachers & friends that were great in the art of painting. She also enjoyed drawing.

Graduating with a Degree in Mathematics, and in addition to teaching, she still had an interest in art, so a year after graduating from college, she pursued her interest in painting & began painting Iranian miniatures.

After Iranian miniatures, she became interested in the art of gilding, and was fascinated by the geometric nature of this art. Since she was interested in historically artistic buildings & saw examples of this art & design in many old buildings, she continued in this field for twenty years. She trained under the supervision of experienced masters and got excellent degrees in this field whilst participating in several group exhibitions in her country.

While working on this art for several years she was able to present her crafts successfully and created a following. Her years in painting have allowed her to study different cultures and specific art designs in different cultures. She was able to create a special and unique combination of Iranian art and other cultures.

This workshop is a good opportunity for those who are eager to learn this style of geometric and beautiful ancient art whilst getting acquainted with the basic skills of this tehzip art. In the media:


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