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We are proud to present a wonderful collection of pieces by Caryn Ong, Nadirah Zakariya and many more talented artists.

About Nadirah Zakariya

More than a decade after graduating from FIT, Nadirah has built a weighty portfolio that includes an ongoing series featuring people with vitiligo, a skin condition that she has been dealing with since she was 16 years old, as well as a portrait of former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad. Her works have been featured in exhibitions worldwide as well as in international magazines, from The New York Times Magazine to Vogue Italia.

About Caryn Ong

Caryn Koh, who has since graduated from Dasein Art Academy and presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award in Fine Arts, has found homage in experimenting with different mediums. From painting, installation to video/audio works prioritising the representation of her subject matter at hand. Her works are introspective in nature and brings forth personal stories and sentiments into them. She examines the human mould and not only in their physical, but also their psychological and emotional make-up. She believes there are interconnections of the different relationships, which creates another dynamic into our being. Her main focus at present is the issue of identity.

The exhibition runs from the 7th May - 12th Jun 2022, Saturdays & Sundays ONLY,

10am - 5pm


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