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Many of you asked them “But when is the next Nowhere Kitchen?”.

This October, Nowhere Kitchen #07 is back!

And they're heading over to temu house, "a privately run space where wonderful art, amazing food & lovely conversations happen". We are happily opening up our kitchen for a this wonderful team of home cooks, a reluctant chef and an architect/designer to play in.

Topic du soir: Food In Arts

Speakers: 1. Bilqis Hijjas (Rimbun Dahan residency manager and President of MyDance Alliance) 2. Kyle E (Co-founder of POW Ideas and POW-WOW forum organiser)

Bilqis Hijjas works as a creative producer and critic in contemporary dance, and manages the arts residency at Rimbun Dahan, her family's 14-acre

home outside Sungai Buloh. For ten years, as president of the organisation MyDance Alliance, she helped to organise festivals to showcase the

diversity of Malaysian dance. She believes in the importance of encouraging women to take on

leadership roles in the artistic process. She also believes in bringing dance to audiences outside the theatre, through events like Dancing in Place, and creating performance platforms accessible to both

emerging choreographers and general audiences, like Dancebox.

In her role as residency manager, Bilqis spends her time showing incoming artists where the garbage bins are, and hosting farewell drinks. She also keeps an eye on 5 dogs, 6 cats, and her elderly parents. She does not cook.

Kyle E as a former adrenaline junkie and serious dreamer, has always pushed limits and frontiers in all aspects of life. With ridiculous stories about close calls in life, he believes that life is best learnt

from experience.

Architecturally trained in Melbourne, he has pursued the design field from Mexico to Laos and now back in Malaysia. Now having co-founded

POW Ideas, a design studio which dabbles in architecture, interior, podcasting and events. He gets his adrenaline fix from the anxiety filled world of architecture.

Nowhere Kitchen 07 Date: 22 October 2022 (Saturday) Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm

Kindly fill up this form to register your seats:

Please book your place early as seats are limited (16 pax). Link in the bio.

Also, don't want you to miss any news about #nowherekitchen future happenings, please follow us @nowherekitchenkl to stay updated.


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