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Nowhere Kitchen 16 returns!

Theme: Alternatives/Viewpoints

Title: A Seat At A Cosmic Table Nowhere Kitchen 16 will be navigating the themes of emotions, thoughts and the subconscious with a dash of Jungian psychology in Scorpio season this November 2023.

Guests will be treated to an enriching array of thoughts by Joe Ann Liew. Accompanied by a 3-course dinner - helped and supplied by your leftovers and last-minute pantry dig. With hopes that the night will leave everyone feeling inspired to transform and create their own destinies.

If you’re ready for a deep dive into the alternative viewpoints on how our human mind might work…

Join us for an unforgettable evening of culinary exploration and inspiration, as we deep dive into the cosmic world!

The Nowhere Kitchen team in action

What Is Nowhere Kitchen & How Does It Work? A bunch of like-minded individuals have come together to curate the Nowhere Kitchen experience at temu house. There's always a great topic during dinner. There's always great speakers to kick start the discussions.

But, it's also on you.. the audience to be part of this collaborative dinner experience.

We need you to participate in this dinner by bringing a little bit of your pantry leftovers (not a half eaten sandwich please!)

The NK team will document these items and start working their magic in the kitchen. Trust us, they work wonders!

Meanwhile, at the front of house... our speakers will kick start some interesting conversations! And boy have we got a great line up for you this time round!

Joe Ann Liew tarot reader

cognitive behavior therapy practitioner

Joe Ann Liew is a professional tarot reader and cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner. She uses tarot cards to provide insight into the subconscious emotions, current energy, or situation that the client is facing at the moment. She offers guidance on how to overcome or work through them.

Born in 1974 in Kuala Lumpur, Joe Ann has been practicing tarot reading full-time for the past five years. She offers one-on-one tarot reading sessions for her clients, which can be conducted online, at a bazaar booth, or in a specific cafe that she frequents.

Prior to her current profession, Joe Ann held various positions in graphic design, art direction, event organization, and marketing management for a fashion company. Her innate curiosity and desire to explore life's mysteries led her to tarot reading.

She met her mentor, Inji Darwish, the artist and creator of the Qun oracle cards. Impressed by her insights, Joe Ann knew she had found her guru. The fateful meeting has inspired her to walk out from her own doubt and restrictions, changing her life all around. With a shift into new perspectives and shedding whatever no longer serves her, it prompted her into the field of cognitive behavior - peering into the inner workings of limiting belief systems and cementing her lifelong goal of learning about the paradox of "wholeness and individuation."

From the beginning as a mentee in tarot, Joe Ann's golden rule is to have good and righteous intention towards one's work; carefully weighing her words and in creating a safe space for her clients to share their deepest feelings which grants her clients a chance to regulate their emotions.

As a cognitive-behavioral therapy practitioner, she considers herself an alternative type of "therapy." Her skillful use of tarot taps into the client's energy and by their symbols, colors, and shapes, read which is indirectly reflected in one's subconscious mind. Through thoughtful order, she brings the hidden to the surface and by acknowledgement, initiates the healing process. She then helps her clients flow these insights into their lives.

She loves Carl Jung and is inspired by his books. She gets excited about his depth psychology, yet we don't fully know what these archetypes might look like in real life. Unrestricted by formal clinical definitions, Joe Ann incorporates Jung's theory into her work, guided by her intuition. This helps bring the cards out of the mysterious realm of symbolism and into practical self-analysis. She believes that we can always be a little more curious and discerning, and should always delve a little deeper.

In her free time, Joe Ann enjoys resting, eating, traveling, and observing. She describes herself as "just an ordinary human being, living and self-exploring about life and its purpose."

Carolyn Peh ThetaHealer Practitioner

Yoga Teacher

Carolyn Peh has been practising ThetaHealing® since 2012, studying from various teachers globally, including the founder’s son, Josh Stibal. As a certified ThetaHealing instructor, she draws on the energy and wisdom of the Creator of All That Is in her healing sessions with clients whilst in a very deep state of relaxation – that of the theta state of mind. Not specific to any religion, this healing method allows the person being worked on to clear limiting beliefs that can stand in the way of a positive lifestyle. In this dream-like state of mind, doorways are open for readings, manifestations and healings.

Carolyn also draws from this same ThetaHealing modality in her sound healing sessions, inviting her participants into a very deep state of relaxation with the addition of her various sound instruments. Whilst taking inspiration from modern day crystal bowls and tuning forks, she layers in the energetic textures of Himalayan metal bowls and occasionally creates binaural beats with her voice. She tempers the minimalist style of her teacher, Master Daru from Nyingma Institute with her intuitive read of her participants’ requirements in each sound session.

Whilst the practice of ThetaHealing began in 2012, Carolyn has always been tuned into energy work. To her mother’s chagrin, growing up, she would build miniature altars out of plasticine and wish with all her might to see different beings. Upon entering the workforce, Carolyn would practise reading bosses and colleagues, often with great success. Finally, after working through the industries of radio, retail, property development and hospitality, the timing was ripe to focus on the business of healing.

Carolyn can be found most days working on clients in her healing practice. Otherwise, she is either charting the movement of her chi in yoga classes or working out with her Muay Thai trainer, figuring out ways to harness energy from the environment through her punches and kicks.

Date: 18th Nov 2023 (Saturday)

Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm

Location: temu house

Address: 49, Jalan 16/9e, Seksyen 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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