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About Rasa & Asa

Rasa dan Asa is a project initiated during the height of the 2021 Covid-19 pandemic, starting with a short documentary video shot by artist and cultural worker Okui Lala along with PERTIMIG (Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers Association in Malaysia), and assisted by a team of video makers and other cultural workers. The documentary “Rasa dan Asa”, which means “taste, feeling and hope”, captured the enduring and upbeat spirits of migrant domestic workers through shred intimate stories which are rarely told to their employees, much less the wider public. PERTIMIG is currently using the documentary video for public outreach engagement.

About Makan Bersama Rasa & Asa

Makan Bersama Rasa & Asa extends the project to a series of ‘eat-together’ events inviting PERTIMIG members, other domestic workers and their employers as well as interested persons to join for a casual meal (lunch or dinner) prepared by PERTIMIG members, friends and family. The event ideally frames a platform for convivial conversations and exchanges between persons at the eating table without the preconceptions of roles.

Makan Bersama Rasa & Asa event details

Time/Date : 730pm-9pm, Saturday 19 August 2023

Venue : temu house

Price : RM85/pax


730 - 740pm : Brief welcome introduction by Okui Lala and Nasrikah

740 - 745pm : Communal poetry reading

745 - 830pm : Dinner starts

830 - 900pm : Stories sharing by PERTIMIG & everyone at the table

900pm : Event ends

The Menu

(Lovingly prepared by the ladies from PERTIMIG and Indonesian community in KL)

Nasi Kuning

Ayam Kampung Goreng Pergedel Balado Telur Puyuh Rojak Buah

Refreshing Pandan Lemongrass Mocktail


This is a casual event. However, the Rasa & Asa team will be photographing and documenting the event, which will then be used for continuous outreach to the wider public and encourage more conversations through the Makan Bersama Rasa & Asa series.


Project team for Rasa & Asa

Okui Lala (Chew Win Chen) | Artist and cultural worker, Director for Rasa&Asa

Okui Lala is an artist and cultural worker. Her practice spans from video and performance to community engagement. Her work explores themes of identities, diaspora and belonging. Past presentations include shows at Singapore Biennale, Para Site Hong Kong and National Art Gallery Malaysia. Okui also facilitates video workshops with nonprofit organizations, unions and different communities in Malaysia and Japan.


Nasrikah | Advisor and founder for PERTIMIG, Co-director for Rasa&Asa

Nasrikah is an Indonesian migrant worker who has been living in Malaysia since 1997. She is an advisor for PERTIMIG and a field facilitator for IDWF (International Domestic Workers Federation). Her advocacy focused on campaigning for migrant domestic workers to be treated with the same respect, status and access to justice as workers. Nasrikah is also a poet and coordinator for arts and cultural events.

PERTIMIG (Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers Association in Malaysia)

PERTIMIG is an independent organization fighting for the rights of migrant domestic workers. PERTIMIG’s vision is to advocate for decent work and welfare for the domestic workers in Malaysia.


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