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An exhibition by Amir Mansor, Nadia Nizamudin & Hana Zamri.

Sound : Visual

The world is noisy. Markets, traffic, objects, crowds, people, chatter, gossip, whispers.

sound | doodles | repetition | scribbles | soundscapes | visualise

The series Composition Study : Sound is inspired by daily life and the sounds we hear, but not listen to. Keeping still and listening, curious and wandering, I gave characteristics to sounds around me, both common and unfamiliar. Initiating naive lines and scribbles to capture sound nuances, imbuing mood colour tones in reaction.

Amir Mansor

Muslim. Woman. Artist.

My body of work is an exploration and seeking of origins, belonging and identity. I’m guided through elements of text, landscapes and femininity as I rethink my being. Recently I started using betel nut (buah pinang) as a natural dye in my mark-making process; from an understanding of its role in Malaysia’s historical and cultural background, to the exploration of the betel nut as a form of expression, particularly the contribution of its colors to my work and ways of making & seeing.

With each inconsistency I discover and learn anew. What was settled yesterday becomes today’s disorientation as I continue to interpret my place in this world.

Today, I am Muslim, a woman and an artist.

Hana Zamri

(Note: In-depth interview with Hana Zamri available, please ask us for a copy)

The Mat

The mat is a simplistic ubiquitous everyday object.

A doormat marks a time in my life where in submission and obedience I disappeared. Without a fuss, I did not matter. A spirit subdued, a person barely.

The yoga mat brought to me a sense of stability. A deliberate intention of routines returned a sense of self both physically and mentally. A spirit recognising confidence.

With the prayer mat enveloping me in solace, teaching and encouraging my beliefs as I came to a sense of groundedness. A vibrant spirit and a voice heard.

"I went through my whole life identifying with mats at different times, and I wanted to tell the story. I began with associating myself with the concept of a doormat in my marriage in order to keep me safe. Then I found solace in my yoga mat that has single handedly gave me the mental focus and clarity for many years to persevere through, via the strict 6 days a week routine of ashtanga. The repetitions were relentless, and I was glad for the escape from thought. Finally I turned to my prayer mat to seek relief and make peace with the journey I was given.”

Nadia Nizamudin

Come join us for the opening this Saturday :)


13th Aug, Sat


Artist Talk:

28th Aug, Sat


Exhibition Days:

13th Aug - 4th Sept

Sat & Sun only

10am - 5pm

Composition: Sound Series, Amir Mansor

Scab, Hana Zamri

Submission, Nadia Nizamudin


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