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Hang + Unwind: Empowering Circles is a series of inclusive, safe and sex positive community circles hosted by Jasexplains; a sex positive and educational platform to empower individuals to make informed choices on their bodies, sexuality and rights.

Join us as we embark on a journey to discover and unpack the masculine and feminine experience as we navigate through this complicated yet exciting world that we live in today. Let's talk sex, pleasure, health (mental and physical), wellness and spirituality.

This is a space for you to connect with diverse yet like-minded individuals who want to connect and hold space for others to share their thoughts and feelings.

This is also an opportunity to make new friends.

Topic: Mid-year check in

How has 2023 been for you? What are your lessons learnt, little/big wins or relationship highlight this year? What's next?


21st July 2023, Friday

2 sessions:

  • Women's Circle, 5pm - 7pm

  • Men's Circle, 8pm - 10pm

RM35 per person

(Limited to 15 pax per session)

Women's Circle is open to folks who identify as women and/or the feminine expression to connect.

Men's Circle is open to folks who identify as men and/or the masculine expression to connect.

Your moderators

Women's Circle

Jasmine (she/her) is a Malaysian-based Sex Positive Advocate and the founder of Jasexplains. She is passionate about holding safe, sex positive and empowering spaces for individuals to come together and share their experiences and learn from one another. It feels less lonely and scary to navigate through life knowing that our experience is a shared one, so supportive spaces such as these are incredibly healing and empowering.

Men's Circle

Nissh (he/him) is a spiritual and mental health advocate passionate in the pursuit of making sense of the modern world and lives we live in today. As a queer person, he believes that having been raised in a patriarchal society, it is important for men especially to find comfort and support within a community, as we navigate through a new world that is redefining masculinity. Nissh looks forward to making this circle a peer-teaching and learning opportunity for all.

Serge (he/him) has been on a journey of self-discovery; aiming to understand his place in the world. As a straight cis-man from a traditional Chinese-Malaysian upbringing, he recognizes the struggle many men face in grappling with questions about masculinity and its role in society. This inspired him to create a safe and honest space for open dialogue, with an objective to redefine masculinity, encourage self-expression, and foster a deeper understanding of both oneself and society.

Women's & Men's Circles


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