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Globally Inspired Nusantara Cuisine

Chef Eden Daus’s journey deep into the world of culinary began at age 10 when he made a simple cheese toast with coffee for mom. Seeing the pride in her eyes encouraged him to plunge deep into a world of flavors.

From then on, he has won gold medals in competitions while in culinary school and has worked alongside renowned AFC (Asian Food Channel) Chefs and top Chef of Vietnam. With a strong influence from Chef Ferran Adria, he likes to put a molecular gastronomy twist to his food. Soon after, he found himself in Nadodi, KL (an Asia’s 100 best restaurant) experimenting with traditional spices.

Now a Private Chef, he tantalizes taste buds of many within the comforts of their own home. Always refusing to settle for the ordinary, he is always in pursuit to transform the ordinary to extraordinary.


Menu for the night:

Amuse #1


(basil cone | sambal belimbing buluh | kelulut honey caviar)

Amuse #2


(chicken rendang croquette | rendang aioli)


Heart Must Go On

(kerabu jantung pisang | coconut gel | coconut sheet | marigold flower)

Main Course


(sous vide country chicken breast | buluh nasi dagang | dagang sauce | dagang powder)


End On a High Note

(sweet tapai | aerated pandan | vanilla ice cream | smoked pineapple | gula Melaka crisp)


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