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After a long hiatus, GALERI CHANDAN has finally decided to reopen its curtain with GEMERSIK, A Solo Exhibition by Anisa Abdullah.

After a lengthy pause, Anisa, at long last, is ready to reveal her art collection after the success of her 1st solo exhibition with us way back in 2013.

Celebrating her love for art, fashion, and life, we are pleased to present “GEMERSIK”; an elegant extraction of a beautiful classic Malay word which represents Anisa and her artworks through the symbolizing sound of folding, cutting, and paper tearing in her artmaking. In kindred to the sound of insects accompanying her sleepless nights at the studio, the sounds of crickets, bees, grasshoppers, and butterflies has helped evoked a melodious beauty of nature in her abstracting process.

Known for her art collage, Anisa’s artworks were created from thousands of paper cuttings, taking it through elevations of cutting from big to small to countless layers of paper in producing a masterpiece. This exhibition is a personal documentation journey of Anisa’s ups and downs in life, the struggle, hardships, sweat and tears, laughter and love.

Exhibition dates & hours: 25th Feb - 12th Mar 2023

10am - 5pm, Tues - Sun

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