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Family Constellation Therapy is a systemic approach which looks into the disruptions or entanglements in the various systems. It is an approach that brings order, balance and healing into these systems which could include family, relationships, health, work, finances, emotional well being and many others.

Many of us may be struggling in our daily life, not realising that some of the issues and burdens that we are carrying are not directly linked to our current circumstances but may be inherited / generational trauma. Family Constellation is a phenomenological approach that could bring about generational healing and break the cycle.

Some common issues that could be resolved through family constellations include addictions, depression, repetitive patterns seen in relationships both personally and professionally.

This approach can also be used to look at businesses and organisations as a method to look into management and issues that may not be clearly seen at the surface level. Work is a system, and employees in the workplace are not just bringing themselves and their issues to work, but collective traumas that they are carrying subconsciously.

Family constellation intuitively may be able to show us what dynamics are impacting the

effective flow of a business.

Group family constellations are unique because it brings healing to the client who has requested the constellation as well as the representatives and observers in the group. It works on the principle that we are all energetic beings and everyone in this amazing, expanse universe is somehow connected.

It is a beautiful healing experience that has brought insight, clarity and peace to many

who have experienced it.

About the practitioner

Dyani is an internationally experienced energy psychology practitioner and speech and language therapist with over 22 years of working with families and individuals.

In 2014, she went through her own personal traumatic experience which left her feeling completely lost and close to her breaking point. At this point she discovered Energy Psychology. Thus began her personal healing journey of peeling all the layers of negative emotions, beliefs, social conditioning buried deep in her subconscious, to face

them and make peace with it. She then equipped herself with various healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Body Talk, Fast Track Technique and in 2017 became a certified Family Constellation Practitioner. Since then, she has continued to study and delve deeper into healing modalities, working with unresolved trauma and somatics to help her clients find clarity, coping tools and steadily find that inner peace.

Dyani is a firm believer that anyone can heal themselves if they choose to, have the right

support and tools that resonate with them.

Temu House workshop details:

RM350 Participant (requested to have a constellation to work on a particular issue)

RM200 Observer (to be part of the healing circle and the opportunity to be a

representative in the constellation)

Maximum: 3 places for participants requesting constellations

Maximum: 9 places for observers

Dyani’s IG: holisticallyspeakingcare


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