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Ethnic Sarawak Night

Food Trail Series - Kuching edition

In collaboration with Zafigo

Ethnic Sarawak Night’s Food Trail series returns in collaboration with!

Bringing you the must-eats across Sarawak, a unique showcase of her culinary hits, served up right here in the Klang Valley. In collaboration with Zafigo, we will bring you on a broader experience to discover the gems of Sarawak’s food and travel destinations.

…starting with Kuching.

Join us for a delectable hunt of the best eats in Kuching, a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. 📆 Friday, 19 April 2024

⏱️ serving from 7.30pm

📍 temu house, section 16, Petaling Jaya

RM210 per diner

A private dining experience. Reservations are required.

Full 5-course Menu:


Cucur Udang Rex 

Bandung Goreng & sambal belacan dip AMUSE

Matterhorn granita KUCHING ICONS

Belachan Meehoon Rice vermicelli, century egg and brown squid, refreshing julienne cucumber in a tangy sweet & umami toasted belacan gravy 

Sarawak Laksa Rice vermicelli, prawns, delicate egg strips, shredded chicken, crunchy bean sprouts in a slow-simmered gravy of prawn stock and 20-ingredient spice blend SWEET

Gula Apong Gelato & peanut crush


Each Food Trail menu is inspired by raved classics and best eateries, specially curated as Chef's favourites. Time-honoured classics presented with a modern twist, this unmissable gastronomic private dining experience is a treat for both seasoned enthusiasts and curious epicureans eager to discover the culinary gems of Sarawak's cuisine. Join us as we traverse Sarawak from South to North, fooding all the way! Zafigo is a travel and lifestyle brand created to inspire women to safely explore the world around them. The team behind Zafigo is passionate about encouraging and empowering women to embark on their own adventures, whether within their home country or abroad. Through creative content and events, Zafigo aims to create a community where women can share their experiences, learn from one another, and broaden their perspectives. Ultimately, Zafigo hopes to enrich the lives of women everywhere by providing a platform for safe and exciting travel. Check us out at


Ethnic Sarawak Nights

Passionately Sarawakian, Karen started #ethnicsarawaknight, her series of dining evenings, curated for a singular purpose - to share the undiscovered gastronomic treasure that is the ethnic cuisine of her home state. With 40 distinct sub-ethnic groups, a primary rainforest that provides native tribes with indigenous ingredients and flavours, and age-preserved ways of cooking - Sarawak’s indigenous cuisine is a true collection of culture, legacy, and history. Karen uncovers these flavours, refines the techniques and curates them into cultural morsels for her diners to experience. Not just a meal, also an insight into Sarawak’s ethnic heritage ways through food. Come join Karen and her team as they take you on a trip to Borneo!


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