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Socialisation is an important part of helping your dog adjust to living with humans. One of the best ways to do this is to participate in doggy play dates. It can help them develop good behaviour and social skills with other dogs and humans. In collaboration with Rubini Maruthian of Dog Gone Good, we have curated a fun morning of play for your fur-riend!

All paw parents will need to fill in the Google Form below in order for us to ensure there is a balance of the types of dogs that attend.

About The Trainer

Rubini Maruthian is a Certified Dog Trainer who was educated and trained in the US and has been training dogs for over 12 years as a positive reinforcement trainer. In the course of her career, she has trained and rehabilitated thousands of dogs. Rubini founded Dog Gone Good Training in 2009 and is currently the principal trainer at Puppy at Jaya where she conducts weekly group classes.

IMPORTANT: 1. Kindly fill up the Google Form Each dog will be evaluated prior to participation in this event. Temu House reserves the right to decline participation of your dog based on the recommendations of the trainers. 2. This is a closed door meet and greet social event for dogs. In the interest of making this a safe and comfortable event for everyone, each dog owner is responsible for their own dog(s). 3. Temu House and Dog Gone Good Training will not be liable for any losses and/or damages during this meet and greet with other dogs and dog owners. We appreciate your cooperation during the event. Limited spots available for this event, and participation will be confirmed via email 2 days prior to the event.

Doggy Play Date 26th June 2022, Sunday 8am - 9am RM50 per dog - limited to 20 dogs only (each dog will receive a goodie bag of treats from Furrenz)


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