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The Chef's Spotlight is a curated experience by Marcus Low of Mad Hatter Desserts. A seasoned and vibrant chef who wants to bring together both the patrons and the various celebrated chefs to a table where they get to devour not just that individuals speciality dishes but also, they get to explores the more intimate side of these chefs, their concepts and other creative creations not normally seen / tasted in their own kitchens.

Every episode is different. The food, the audience and the chefs. Come and explore these creative culinary experiences at the Chef's Spotlight - exclusively at temu house.

Episode 1: Jawi Peranakan

Jawi House is famed for it interesting blend of Arab, Indian and Local styles married into what is known as Jawi Peranakan Cuisine. On top of that, Jawi House is featured in the first ever Michelin Guide Penang.

We are giving KL/Selangor folks the opportunity to feast on Chef Nuril’s one of a kind Jawi Peranakan and not to be mistaken for Baba/Nyonya Peranakan here at Temu House. We are bringing down his classic dishes and on top of that creating 5 more new Jawi Peranakan dishes which will be a team effort between Chefs; Nuril, Sarah & Marcus.

Sharing Style Menu


Talam Jawi Peranakan – a Jawi House Speciality

Goat Curry & Sukun ‘FlatBread’

Koji Jackfruit Seed Falafel

Bamieh & Roti Benggali

BBQ Market Fish with Sambal Tuhau


Ciku Pound Cake

Serabai with Caramel Sauce or Terung Asam Jam

Asam Gelugor Sorbet


31st Aug 2023 (Thursday) 1st Sept 2023 (Friday)

Time: 7:30 - 9:30 pm Price: RM280 per PAIR

Location: temu house

The Chefs

Chef Nuril Karim

Nuril is an award winning chef and graduate in Hospitality and Management with a diploma in Culinary Arts from Switzerland. Born in Penang, he studied at Penang Free School and since a young age has always been fascinated by the lively environment of the kitchen and how food is grown and prepared. Winning two medals in FHA 2010 and HOFEX 2011 he then started his career at Cilantro, Kuala Lumpur under chef Takashi Kimura and has worked with some of the best chefs in the industry. His passion for indigenous Malay foods and Jawi Peranakan cuisine led him back to his roots in George Town to establish Jawi House in 2013

Conceptualized by his mother, Wazir Jahan Karim along with the publication of her book, “ Feasts of Penang: Muslim Culinary Heritage” in 2012, inspired him to reproduce some of the family recipes passed down several generations, making sure the culinary legacy of his family is never lost.

Today, Jawi House is well known as an authentic restaurant which has created a niche market in Penang. Through this, he has revived the culinary history of early Penang, in bringing back Arabian, Levant and Malay recipes which combine to create the unique cuisine which the Jawi Peranakan’s are known for. He prides himself to be called a Northerner or ‘orang utara’ and from a family which has a mix of Kedah Malay and sixth generation Punjabi Muslim with roots in Lahore, Nuril has always felt the importance of keeping alive humble forgotten northern Malay dishes as well as preparing lavish Pakistani style dishes just like how his mother and late ‘Nani’ Bismillah use to make when entertaining guest at home.

Nuril is also passionate about bringing local organic products to the table. He had travelled widely to source for edible plants, herbs and flowers which can be introduced into meals to enrich indigenous Malay and Southeast Asian foods. He went on to be the Champion of the R.AGE Food Fight in 2016, a national talent search organized by The Star Media Group. Some of his work can be viewed online, on a mini-series called ‘The Local Kitchen’ where he explores the villages, jungles and seas of Peninsula Malaysia and Borneo bringing attention to the wealth of knowledge of indigenous communities and the colonial legacies which still remain. He uses this as a platform to further promote local produce and awareness for the younger generation to preserve their food heritage.

Recently to gain a fresh perspective on modern cuisine he has completed an internship program at Restaurant Gaa in Bangkok, headed by Chef Garima Aurora. Nuril Karim is a fun and lively character able to capture the attention of his guest with his culinary skills and natural charm, all the time aiming to elevate local food and shine a spotlight on the diversity of Malaysian cuisine.

Chef Sarah Tan

Sarah Tan is the Owner and Ice Cream Chef of Minus 4 Degrees. She first honed her skills in many of the Malaysia’s top establishment like Dewakan & Cilantro and eventually ventured out to do something that she is truly passionate about which is ice cream and thus the birth of Minus 4 Degrees.

Minus 4 Degrees is all about making life feel that little bit sweeter and cooler. So it focuses on serving handcrafted artisan ice creams and desserts with a renewed attention to flavour and ingredients. Having worked in some of the finest kitchens in the country, co-founder Sarah Tan has developed a knack for experimenting and pushing the culinary boundaries. Yes, Minus 4 Degrees still scoops best-selling classics like rum raisin and dark chocolate (and it makes sure they are really good), but unconventional flavours do pop up on its menu from time to time to give you a good jolt out of your comfort zone. You may even spot Minus 4 Degrees most unique, exclusive creations at the best fine-dining establishments in town! Each recipe is crafted with care, ensuring the integrity of its ingredients are never compromised with additives - just real fruits, natural ingredients, relatively low sugar, and wholesome goodness. So, kicking back with a Minus 4 Degrees ice cream can be the easiest decision of your day!

Chef Marcus Low

The love for food runs in Marcus Low’s veins, even more so the love of Desserts. Marcus was MasterChef Asia’s Runner Up and was dubbed the “Dessert King” for his creative and delectable dessert creations. Representing Malaysia in the Asia-wide cooking competition, he learned the ropes from books, research, practice, experimentation and influence from his mother’s cooking.

As a teenager, he had a knack for crunching numbers which led him to pursue a career in the field of accounting. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance.

After graduating, he worked in the banking industry for two years in Risk Management. Then the opportunity to participate in MasterChef Asia came about and accelerated his goal of starting his own brand and dessert establishment. He eventually left his job as a banker and began his cake business online which then expanded and became MadHatter Desserts today.

Located in Uptown, MadHatter Desserts offer exquisite desserts that will leave you wanting more. He enjoys experimenting and creating fun and unique flavour combinations and textures that do not lack in visuals or taste.

His desserts are heavily influenced by local cuisines, as seen in his re-imagination of “Claypot Rice” as a dessert. A dessert that combines hot and cold rice-based elements served in a clay pot. Then there’s “Bubur Cha Cha”, a dish Marcus had made on MasterChef Asia; a modern take and homage to the more traditional Bubur Cha Cha dessert that his mother cooks on the regular.

The Collaborators

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