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Maxime Boureille is French from Burgundy, 31 years old. he has been living in Asia for around 6 years, in Shanghai working for DBR Lafite, and then in Hong Kong and now Singapore for Champagne Lanson. he is passionate about wine, there's always been a bottle of wine at his parents' table and he loves to share with wine lovers and wine connoisseurs the French culture. Maxime Boureille is Brand Development Manager Asia for Maison de Champagne Lanson & Tsarine.

Together with Cave & Cellar, temu house and Chef William Rag of Asian House Party, we are putting together an experiential night of quintessential French cuisine accompanied by the fine notes of every drop of Lanson Champagne.

As seats are limited, we are opening up bookings to only 30 pax for this exciting night. Make sure you book your seats today!


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