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sharmin parameswaran

My Story

An independent arts project manager and curator working in the Malaysian arts scene with an interest rooted in the potential of collaborative projects to engage audiences through thought, discourse and experiences. Active for 11 years (and counting), Sharmin is accountable for the conception and implementation of over 45 visual arts projects/exhibitions.

In her other life, Sharmin has been in the media & broadcast industry for 17 years, keeping up to date with current social events and popular culture. She has recently started up her own consulting company, Interp8, with a vision of combining arts & media to tell relevant stories that have an impact on audiences.

Visual Arts Project Highlights

THE GOOD MALAYSIAN WOMAN Group Exhibition 2014

A project in collaboration with women’s rights group All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) to stage The Good Malaysian Woman: Ethnicity, Religion, Politics visual arts exhibition, highlighting how Malaysian female stereotypes aect a woman’s sense of self, community and nationality. The project successfully surpassed targeted sales and raised funds to sustain AWAM’s subsequent programs in this area of advocacy.

Link: pace

SH/FT A Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition 2019

Appointed by CENDANA (Malaysia’s Cultural Economy Development Agency) as lead curator, SHIFT involved a National open call targeted at independent artists to relook at Malaysia’s shifting landscapes in Identity, Technology & Pop Culture. The exhibition featured 42 artists and continued CENDANA’s eorts to grow the local arts ecosystem by providing a platform for new artists.


PAUSE I & II Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur & Penang 2021

A recipient of the CENDANA, Visual Arts Showcase Funding Programme 2020, PAUSE was conceptualised during Malaysia’s first covid lockdown, working collectively with 10 local artists to make sense of living in a pandemic world. The physical outcome of the exhibition was held 1 year later in 2 locations, with funding going to the artists, exhibition makers and arts venues post 2 years of minimal economic income.



In collaboration with R+ (a design-research department) of GDP Architects, BOOMZOOMROOM, was a visual art showcase at APW, Kuala Lumpur that unpacks generational conversations in response to R+’s ‘Life Of Z’ research project. Engaging 10 artists & collectives (from visual arts, photography, theatre and music) to access the research findings and expand on the notions of generational dierences or similarities. Project included talk & panel programs to further discourse.

Link: -share-same-table-at-kl-art-exhibit

temu house, visual arts curator & programming 2022-to date

Overseeing the visual and creative arts programming this privately run art space, including exhibitions, talks, and alternative projects. Pivotal in situating temu house within the the arts community as an open and accessible art space for artists to exhibit, work in and explore. From its start in November 2021 to date, 20 visual art exhibitions/projects have been presented at temu house.

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