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THE CARRIER BAG: Gathering as Collecting.

An art exhibition featuring the collection of

Marina Mahathir, Noor Mahnun Mohamed and Lillian Tay

I am not telling that story. We’ve heard it, we’ve heard all about all the sticks, spears and swords, the things to bash and poke and hit with, the long, hard things, but we have not heard about the thing to put things in, the container for the thing contained. That is the new story.”

The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, Ursula K. Le Guin 1986.

The exhibition ‘The Carrier Bag: Gathering as Collecting’ showcases a collection of art by three eminent women, each being a dedicated supporter of the arts not as collectors in an androcentric way but more through their inimitable and considerate process of gathering.

Featuring Marina Mahathir, Noor Mahnun Mohamed and Lillian Tay, the exhibition allows a look into their personal carrier bags; it’s goods questioning conventional approaches akin to hunting, the romanticism & serendipity of discovering whilst gathering, and the age-old values of barter trading.

Curated by sharmin parameswaran.