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///1 0///

A Collaboration by Lee Mok Yee, Ng Siu Yee, and Steve Goh

///1 0/// focuses on ‘storytelling’ through Visual art, Music, and Dance by referencing how data driven our lifestyles are. It analyses and represents the phenomenon of current technology (including social media) from the artists perspectives who have experienced transitions between the non-digital and digital world in their artistic creations. Humankind is essentially data driven and the way in which data is transferred, processed and used has evolved.

Supported by Boh Cameronian Grants, ///1 0/// is a process-based, experimental performance using digital and non-digital tools that aims to interpret this evolution in order to create. The project is also supported by Filamen and FABU who deal with projection mapping and media art respectively, resulting in an exhibition and performance with interactive sounds and visual installations.

Performance Date & Time: 7th-9th April 2023,

Fri, Sat & Sun


14th-16th April 2023,

Fri, Sat & Sun


Exhibition Date & Time:

7th – 19th April 2023,

Fri, Sat & Sun

@10am – 5pm

(Others day by appointment only)


temu house

Tickets: Regular: RM88 (Limited seats)


+6012 802 0661 - Mok Yee (artist) +6016 216 4373 - Viv Adram (temu house)


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