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All you need to know about non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Not many have heard about NFTs before the most expensive NFT was auctioned off for almost USD 70 million in 2021. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have since taken the internet by storm. Many artists have joined the bandwagon of minting NFTs and selling them in return for cryptocurrencies.

However, is it just a hype? What is an NFT actually? How does it work? Why is it creating so much noise? How can you mint an NFT? Why should you trust such technology? How is NFT different from cryptocurrency? How can NFT help you as an artist?

Come attend this course to find an answer to those questions.

Learning outcomes:

● Understand the technology supporting NFTs

● Understand the functions of NFTs

● Applying NFTs in businesses and projects

● Plan an NFTs project

Who should attend:

● Artistic creators

○ Painters

○ Sculptures

○ Singers

○ Actors

○ Photographers

○ etc

● Anyone who is interested in using NFTs too

(No prerequisite) Programme Outline:

First Session

9:30 am Admitting participants and getting to know each other

10:00 am Introduction and Briefing

● Introduction of speaker and participants

● The objectives of the course and the contents to be covered

● An overview of the training methods

10:30 am Participants Self-Audit

● The problems faced

● The target

● Sharing

11:15 am Introduction to NFTs

● Introduction to NFTs

● Understanding the functions of NFTs

● Understanding different types of NFTs

● Know the rights that come with an NFT

12:00 noon Lunch Break (provided)

1:00 pm Plan your NFTs project

1:45 pm Minting NFTs - Hands-on

3:00 pm End

About the Instructor:

Ivy Fung is a trainer specializing in blockchain, the technology that supports cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As one of the first few trainers and pioneers in the industry, she is instrumental in bringing the blockchain syllabus to top universities in the Philippines in 2019.

Starting 2020, she has been conducting trainings online and co-organised the 1st NFT Virtual Art Festival in 2021. She is currently the Vile President of Women in Blockchain Asia and speaks in various conferences internationally.

Sign up now!

Date : 22nd Sept 2023, Friday

Time : 9:30am - 3:00pm

Cost : RM250 / person (lunch provided - drinks sold separately)


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