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Minding Her Business is a series of networking events in aim of connecting the new generation of women entrepreneurs. Initiated by 3R Media, this series was designed with the purpose to foster an empowering community of women entrepreneurs to share, inspire and educate each other on nurturing their respective businesses.

The monthly MHB sessions will be themed and intentionally curated with speakers from the respective industry. Each interactive networking session will be guided by women who have walked the walk and talked the talk in running their own business empires.

In the third series Minding Her Business, we will wrap up the year with the theme of social enterprises. Social enterprises are oftentimes the bridge between profits and people, by maximizing their profits while maximizing benefits to the overall betterment of society and the environment through the funding of social programs and initiatives.

How does one strive to create a sustainable business model that meets the needs of a thriving business while creating a social impact? How do you cover your blind spots in doing so? Join us as we unpack this topic further with our panel of speakers -


Ngai Yuen - Kakiseni

Low Ngai Yuen, a multiple award-winning workaholic is now the Group Chief Merchandise and Marketing Officer for AEON (M) Co Berhad while serving 2 other public listed companies; GDEX Berhad and OCK Group Berhad. Also a passionate entrepreneur, she supports causes around the arts, culture, blended learning, access to technology and sustainability as the President of the 22 year old Kakiseni as well as founding WOMENgirls since 2011, an NGO dedicated to program interventions to remind women as role models for younger girls to achieve their potentials.

In Oct 2021, Yuen released the acclaimed social film on humanity called Orang Itu onto Netflix that scored a 10/10 from film critic, Tan Sri Johan Jaafar in The Star and was named the top 5 must watch Malaysian films.

Sasibai Kimis - Earth Heir

Sasibai Kimis left a successful career in the finance industry to start the award-winning, Malaysian conscious lifestyle brand and social enterprise, EARTH HEIR®. Earth Heir’s story began with a desire to create thoughtfully designed; contemporary heritage pieces handcrafted by master artisans in Malaysia. Earth Heir is Fair Trade certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation, and is a certified BCorp, working with disappearing heritage art forms handcrafted by women, refugees and indigenous persons.

Earth Heir won the British Council and Arthur Guinness Projects Social Enterprise Award 2015 and Sasibai was one of Wharton’s “40 under 40” award winners in 2015 and an Eisenhower Fellow in the 2015 Women's Leadership Program. She is also a Vital Voices Grow 2019 Fellow, and an Asia21 Young Leader 2017 with the Asia Society. She was also awarded the Tatler Hero Award in 2020.

Prior to Earth Heir, Sasi was a Vice President in the Investments division at Khazanah Nasional (Malaysia), a Director in the Private Equity team at First Avenue Partners LLP (London), worked in Ghana with Opportunities Industrialization Centers International and the United Nations Development Program, and in New York as an Investment Banking Analyst at Lehman Brothers.

Alleena Abdullah - Ulam School

In 2020 Alleena began her journey in food education with the founder of The Ulam School, Doctor Eric Olmedo Panal. Her passion to bring academic research on food and indigenous communities to the public brought her to lead the brand and marketing strategy for the Ulam School. Ulam School is a platform and community where the public can access information about plant-based healthy eating in Southeast Asia. Along with a colourful global team, she curates’ data-driven botanical, cultural and culinary information for everyone.

Alleena is currently an industry advisor and working committee member at the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA) of UKM. Together with Distinguished Prof. Datuk Dr. Shamsul Amri Baharuddin’s team she is developing a master’s programme in sustainable food development. Alleena is also an adjunct faculty at the Asia School of Business.

Alleena founded 2 businesses. Her social enterprise Yellow Tree Malaysia was set up to train and consult micro-businesses entrepreneurs, under-served communities and SMEs in business branding, personal branding, business development and individual communication skills. Alleena is the co-founder of Pathway a corporate business consultancy specialising in digitalisation, people development and internationalisation.

She is a HRDF (now HRD Corp) certified trainer and a certified Virtual LearnCaster (VLC) arming her with cutting-edge skills to deliver training online. To further strengthen her skills in human communication and behaviour she is a NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner.

Moderator: Marina Mahathir - Zafigo

Marina Mahathir is a writer and activist whose passion for women's rights has been a constant thread throughout her working life.

As a newspaper columnist she has written about the many injustices Malaysian women suffer for over 25 years. As an HIV/AIDS activist, she has fought for the vulnerabilities of women in the epidemic to be recognised and acted upon in order to protect them.

She has also co-produced a TV programme for young women, 3R-Respect, Relax and Respond, to educate them about their rights and to provide options in life other than what they are often given.

She is also on the Board of Trustees of the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh which seeks to provide tertiary education to young Asian women from underprivileged backgrounds.

Marina has been particularly interested in Muslim women's rights and is a member of the advocacy group Sisters in Islam, and sits on the International Advisory Group of Musawah, the global movement for justice and equality in the Muslim family.

In 2014, Marina founded,a travel website for women in Asia, which seeks to empower women through informed and independent travel.

Minding Her Business #3

Friday, 2nd December 2022

temu house

12pm - 2pm


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