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Learn how to make milk kefir, one of nature's best probiotics! It eases common issues like bloating, gastric, constipation, leaky gut and yeast infection. With improved gut health, you'll see a difference in clearer skin, better mood, and stronger immunity.

If you would like to learn about gut health, or you're already making kefir and want to improve the taste, this workshop is for you!

This 90 min program consists of an intro to fermented foods and the human microbiome, followed by a hands-on kefir making experience. We also provide ideas for incorporating kefir into breakfast and snacks. Take away kefir scones, soft serve, pairing granola and our exclusive kefir making set including starter grains worth RM60/-

24TH JULY 22 (Sunday) 2PM - 3:30PM RM200 / person RM180 / person

(sign up by the 18th July 22)

The workshop will cover:

  • the origins & health benefits of kefir

  • kefir culture

  • kefir acai berry smoothie (with recipe)

  • kefir cheese (with recipe)

  • kefir soft serve

What you will take home:

  • 20g grains

  • kefir culture kit

  • granola sample pack

  • kefir scones (with recipe)

  • Miss Kefir Cooler Bag

Ai Wei, Founder of Miss Kefir

Workshop will be

conducted by the

Ai Wei who founded

Miss Kefir in 2016


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