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Fire That Burns Again

A ceramic exploration by Kim Ng

Fire That Burns Again_E-catalogue
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Kim Ng is a wonderer, a tactile experimenter, a humble educator, and an artist. Now, locate Kim through 2020-2021 amidst a global pandemic, as people adjust and readjust to the juxtapositions of turbulent daily lives, and the mindlessness of lockdown time. In Malaysia, with added stimulus of political performers overstaying the circus in the heart of the city.

Kim the artist, observed the situation as a welcome mat laid out for contemplation, creativity and production. He opportunistically took the time to absorb and (as best) reason out the precarious disarray of life; questioning what will be the reasons for being when we step out (& ahead?) of two bleary years.

Fire That Burns Again presents a personal awareness and practical absorption of change, expressed through material expressions. Art, providing companionship to both his mental-creative and physical-making selves to moving forward through a perceived period of lockdown stagnation.

About the artist:

Kim Ng was born in 1965 in Kluang Johor, Malaysia, and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur. Kim works across different art disciplines from printmaking, mixed media paintings, ceramics to sculpture and installation work. He is also the current Head of the Fine Art department at Dasein Academy of Art, Malaysia. Kim Ng did his Diploma in Fine Art from Kuala Lumpur College of Art, and subsequently pursued his Fine Art BA honours degree at London Guildhall University, London. He further completed his MA in Design and Media Art from the University of Westminster and MA by Project from London Metropolitan University, both in London, UK. He has exhibited locally and abroad, taking part in International art workshops in Southeast Asia countries like Taiwan and Thailand, and also local artist’s residency. Kim Ng currently teaches Printmaking and Sculpture at Dasein Academy of Art, and he is also the Head of the Fine Art department.

Fire That Burns Again, the artist would like to thank:

Tao Jie Fang Clay Studio (TJF), Bercham, Perak Xin Fa Pottery, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Perak Ban Li Stove Factory, Bercham, Perak Kraf Tangan Perak, Enggor, Perak KZ Kraf, Kuala Kangsar, Perak Sin Woh Seng, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Perak Rahmi Bin Bujang

Curator, Writer Sharmin Parameswaran Designer ALPY Photographer Yap Wai Leong Collaborator Tan Vooi Yam


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