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lina tan

My Story

A few weeks before the 2020 pandemic happened, Lina walked into house number 49 Lorong 16/9e, then called the Print Room as it was closing down after 7 years. During the lock-down with lots of time to ponder, Lina proposed to Lillian Tay to take over the house with the intention of creating a private Arts and Food space where small groups of people can ‘bertemu’ in a safe space. Lina and Lillian worked to include a new kitchen, a proper car park area, sub-soil for drainage and give it an overall fresh makeover. Finally after the Government lifted all the conditions for social distancing, Lina launched Temu house with the help of friends who believed in the cause. 


A Film and Television Producer by profession, Lina founded her production company Red Communications Sdn Bhd in 1999. One of the defining production that won awards and made headlines was a ground breaking social awareness program designed to empower young women called 3R (Respect, Relax and Respond). More than just a Television show, it also ran workshops, events and online videos on issues that mattered to young women. 3R evolved into a social enterprise called 3R Media Sdn Bhd which works with various NGOs, Government agencies and Embassies to create and consult on audio visual tools to deliver effective communications and now also manages Temu House. 

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