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You may probably be great at playing mahjong or even excel at bridge,

but do you know the rules of an ancient card game called cherki?

Once upon a time, indolent nyonyas who yearned to show off their

new rings and bracelets would gather their friends and relatives to

play this game in the halls of their high-ceilinged homes.

temu house with its landscaped gardens and perennially flung-open

doors couldn't be more perfect for this fun-filled activity.

Come lah to meet and mingle - there will be lots of tea and nyonya

kueh to help you absorb the teachings. One of the highlights will be icy

bowls of jade-green, au naturel/organic chendol assembled on-the-spot.

Only 30 seats, so book your slots now!

Time and shaved ice wait for no one!!

Bila: 11 Mac 2023

Mana: Temu House, PJaya

Pukol Brapa: 3 - 6 petang

Derma: RM100 sorang

Belajair Cherki

Makan Kueh

Chendol RM10 satu mangkok

Another fun(d)-raising event by the Persatuan Peranakan Baba Nyonya Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Booking No: WhatsApp / Call:

+6012 315 1451


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