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Linocut Workshop by RLPRINTWORKS

Rico will be conducting a linocut session to share what goes into the process of linocut printing. There will also be detailed demonstrations to guide participants each step along the way, from linocut to print. Participants will be introduced to linocut tools and explore various carving techniques, ink impression, and the traditional way of printing on fabric or paper.

Past Exhibitions

2019 // Shift By Cendana Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2019 // Urbanscapes Festival, “Reimagine Us” , Group Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2019 // “Bunnies!”,  Group Exhibition with Tomi Heri , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2018 // “People of the land” , Group Exhibition with Debora Teo & Adrian Jo Milang , Kuching, Malaysia

2018 // “1000 sumbart (Sumatera Barat Art) Present Rico Leong X Ridwan” Collaboration Exhibition (Woodprint&photography) Indonesia

2018 //  “Tales From North Borneo”,Berlin , Germany

2018 //  “Tales From North Borneo”,Zurich, Switzerland

2018 // Teroka! An Exhibition By 8 Artist From Kuala Lumpur And Penang

2018 // “Love Galore” , Installation Art, Zurich University, Switzerland

2017 // “The White Mask”,  Exhibition , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2017 // “Rico Leong’s The Other Half” Solo exhibition, Minut Innit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2017 //  “Xs”By Titik Merah Collective Group Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2015 // “No Time For Love” By Chry Group Exhibition

2013 // “Atas Dasar Cinta “pasif” Group Exhibition


Rico Leong

Rico Leong is a Sabah-born illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur with a woodcut practice. His work runs parallel by conducting woodcut workshops to share with others on the traditional method of woodcut printing on both fabric and rice paper. Rico also works on illustrations that can be found as cover art for local musicians in the underground scene. His work explores the “non-physical” realm of consciousness that mirrors our subculture, ideologies and sensibilities. 

Date: 6th July 2024, Saturday

Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Price: RM120 per pax (all materials + a tote bag provided)

Venue: temu house, Section 16, PJ


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