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welcome to temu house


temu house

a privately run space to meet each other and have conversations over food, arts and activities...
food... enjoy food & beverage experiences through
our pop-up kitchen, and meet the personalities that delight on putting the food to plate.

arts... engage with visual arts, as well as other art forms, and meet the artists, artisans and creative-types colouring the arts ecosystem.

meet people... to learn something new, to come together to create or just to widen the mind.

let’s 'bertemu'

Carrier Bag: gathering as collecting
Carrier Bag: gathering as collecting

An art exhibition featuring the collections of Marina Mahathir, Noor Mahnun Mohamed and Lillian Tay.

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If you want to find out more about temu house, our upcoming events and how you could host your events here, please get in touch. Send us an email / Whatsapp / fill up this form to book your seats / visits.

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